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Dharma Audio Lectures

Dharma talks are the expression of the Buddhist Teaching coming deeply from the heart/mind of the Practitioner. They offer different sets of teachings from the central practices of Buddhism, often combined with personal experiences that help illuminate our practice. These are teachings that come through our teachers to us; they come through the written sutras and commentaries and live in our own experience.

“Dharma” has three meanings. The first is simply the “Truth” of life. The second is the “Teachings”, principles and practices that have been handed down through generation to generation. The third, sometimes nicknamed dharma with a small “d’, is each individual phenomenon or moment. Now, in speaking, we say that these are three separate things but in the truth, the three meanings of Dharma happen simultaneously and are one unified whole expressing the total dynamic working of life.

Clouds in Water Sunday Talks

2012-12-6 _first-there-is-a-mountain-rohatsu.mp3
6_05_11 Training in Wholeness .mp3
4_10_11 Buddha’s Universal Birth .mp3
2_27_11 Mala Practice .mp3
2_06_11 Life and Death Part 7 of 7 .mp3
1_30_11 Life and Death Part 4 of 7 .mp3
1_23_11 Life and Death Part 1 of 7 .mp3
10_31_10 Breath! (Teachings From Anapanasati Sutta) .mp3
10_24_10 The Land of What .mp3
9_05_10 More on "Ordinary Mind is the Way" .mp3
8_15_10 Impermanence .mp3
7_18_10 The Jewel of the Present Moment .mp3
7_4_10 Returning to Delusion: How to live w/ the 10,000 things .mp3
7_1_10 Buddhist overview on the 3 Bases Byakuren Judith Ragir .mp3

Hokyoji Sesshin June 2011

6_20_11 don't Direct Anything Dokai mp3
6_21_11 Does a Dog have Buddha Nature Byakuren mp3
6_22_11 don't Do Violence by Seeking Dokai mp3
6_23_11 Knowingly, We Transgress Byakuren mp3

Hokyoji Sesshin June 2009

6_14_09 Hokyoji09, Meditation is Alive!, Alive! Byakuren Judith Ragir. Mp3
6_15_09 Hokyoji09, ordinary mind is the way #1 Dokai Ron Georgeson .mp3
6_16_09 hokyoji09, ordinary mind is the way #2 Byakuren Judith Ragir . mp3
6_17_09 hokyoji09, don't try to control things Dokai Ron Georgeson .mp3
6_18_09 hokyoji09 Joshu's newborn baby Byakuren Judith Ragir .mp3
06_19_09 hokyoji09 the mind arising Dokai Ron Georgeson .mp3

Hokyoji Sesshin Fall 2011

9_11_11 History of Hokyoji Nondoing and Just Do
9_12_11 Love and Liberation mp3
9_13_11 Tathagatagharba and Buddha Nature mp3
9_15_11Everywhere, Nothing is Hidden mp3
9_16_11 Mountains, Rivers and the Great Earth mp3

Hokyoji Sesshin Fall 2009

9_20_09 fallsesshin09, Each phenomenon is "you" .mp3
9_21_09 fallsesshin09, freedom from causation .mp3
9_22_09 fallsesshin09, Joshu BCR 2 .mp3
9_24_09 fallsesshin09, Radical Acceptance .mp3

Individual Lectures:
These lectures were given at the invitation of various
Buddhist Centers.

Letting go of control
Direct mind without clinging
Patience as enlightenment
The 3 marks of existence
3 bases in the 8-fold path
4 noble truths the 8-fold path
3 objects, 3 poisons, 3 seeds of virtue
10-14-05, Just Live
Radical Optimism
Tonglen for Christians
Tonglen Discussion
Not indulging in anger @ Clouds in Water Zen Center
4-5-06 Healing the Self With Love
5-28-06 Jizo For Peace, Self is made up of non-self Elements
7-21-06 Integration in Spiritual Life
7-28-06 180 Degree Pivot, Practicing in all Circumstances
7-29-06 Sesshin #1, Dongshan's "Just This"
7-30-06 Sesshin #2, The Miracle of the Garden of Suchness
9-24-06 Spirituality of Imperfection
9-30-06 Machig Lapdron's instructions
9/20/09 Each phenomenon is you
9/21/09 Freedom from causation
9/22/09 Joshu BCR2
9/24/09 Radical Acceptance

Moon Ceremony and Precept class
co-lead with Therese Jacobs-Stewart &
Myo-o Marilyn Habermas-Scher

1-15-06 Introduction, (Judith and Therese)
2-12-06 Dismantling patterns (Judith)
4-9-06 Investigating Our Patterns, Therese Jacobs-Stewart
5-14-06 Repentance, Byakuren
Judith Ragir
7-9-06 The Precept of Non-Killing,
Myo-o Habermas-Scher
9-10-06 Right speech and the precepts
10-8-06 Right speech #2

Loving the "Self":
A Class at Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center.

5-30-06 Class #1 Loving-Kindness
6-6-06 Class #2 "May I Be Safe"
6-13-06 Class #3 Healing the Past
6-20-06 Class #4 Shame and the Inner Critic
6-20-06 Loving Kindness Meditation

The Fire in the Lotus:
Burning the seeds of Karma

Let’s study karma in a very practice oriented way.
Practicing a deep belief in cause and effect, we can
develop our abilities to refrain from following the
momentum of our habituated patterns that cause us
misery. This class was offered at Clouds in Water Zen
Center, St. Paul, Mn.

2-1-05 1st class - Introduction
2-8-05 2nd class - Shempa
2-15-05 3rd class - Dismantling Habit Patterns
2-22-05 4th class - 12 Links
3-1-05 5th class - Rebirth and No Birth/No Death

Lectures on Katagiri Roshi’s book:
“You have to Say Something”

These lectures were recorded at the Eau Clair Sitting Group where we studied one chapter a week, and Judith lectured once a month on some of the chapters helping to unpack some of Katagiri Roshi’s teaching.

3-8-05 Painting of a Rice Cake
4-19-05 Make Yourself at Home
5-10-05 Throw Yourself Away

Practicing with the Ancestors Instructions:
Joshu and Nansen Koans Class #1

In this class, we will open up the teachings found in Joshu and Nansens koans to become more familiar with their styles and instructions. We will use their teaching and apply it to our everyday twenty-first century lives. These lectures were recorded at Dharma Field Zen Center in Mpls. MN.

3-21-05 Wash your Bowl Part 1
3-28-05 Wash your Bowl Part 2
4-4-05 Nansen's Peony Part 1
4-11-05 Nansen's Peony Part 2
4-18-05 Zhaozhou's Dog Part 1
4-25-05 Zhaozhou's Dog Part 2
5-02-05 Ordinary Mind is the Way
5-09-05 Summary and Student Talks

Coming to the Moment Fresh and Alive:
The koans of Joshu and Nansen Class #2

Continuing the delight in the koans of Joshu and Nansen, is a second course studying some of the same koans as Class #1 and some new ones. As we become more and more familiar with their words and the imagery of their actions, they can arise easily in our minds as we go through the activities of our lives and support our practice. These tapes were recorded at Clouds in Water Zen Center, St. Paul, MN.

9-21-05 Class 1, Introduction
9-28-05 Class 2, Wash Your Bowl
10-5-05 Class 3, Discussion, Wash your Bowl
10-12-05 Class 4, Oak Tree in the garden
10-19-05 Class 5, Oak Tree Discussion
10-26-05 Class 6, Joshu's Dog, MU
11-2-05 Class 7, Joshu's Dog, Yes and No
11-9-05 Class 8, No Picking & Choosing
11-16-05 Class 9, Joshu's picking and choosing #2


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